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France Home Finance was founded in 2004 by a team of British, American and French bankers with the mission to provide the best independent French mortgage service to the world.


The French mortgage market is as vast and varied as the diversity of our global clientele. Rather than offer basic mortgage products across many countries, our interest lies in being at the forefront of French mortgages and using technology to be able to offer the best deals, presently transparently, up to minute, every day.

Years of experience working with thousands of clients, we have learned that while the French language barrier can pose a challenge to our international clients obtaining French mortgages, the most difficult hurdles come from cultural barriers and differences in processes.

We make it our business to understand what you expect the French mortgage application process to be and then clearly explain in advance how it will differ in France to ensure a hassle free process for you.

We have also learned that relationships are as important in France as numbers. So we invest time to maintain close ties with our French lending partners and work hard to negotiate exclusive offers and develop new products tailored to the needs of our clients.

After all these years, we remain convinced that France is the ideal place to purchase property. France is unrivalled in it's stunning landscapes and coastlines, solid infrastructure, and steady tourism. The transparent and well regulated legal system ensure that property investors are protected. And the cafes, markets, wine and cuisine remind us why living is an art.

We understand why you are investing in French property and we agree with you!