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Why France Home Finance?

Experience - Expertise - Excellence

We understand that when looking for your French mortgage, you want the best deal on the market with the best service.



The marketplace for international borrowers in France is constantly changing. Unlike other brokers claiming to offer in depth mortgage expertise on many different countries at once, France Home Finance is 100% focused on French mortgages.


Our independent brokerage team has years of on the ground experience in France and longstanding relationships with more than twenty leading French lenders. Due to the high volume of French mortgages transacted each year, France Home Finance is able to obtain key account rates and exclusive products for you.


France Home Finance's proprietary Intelligent Quote technology will match your personal financial data against the rules and regulations from our banking partners for more than 65 mortgage products. Constantly up to date for maximum accuracy, we perform over 9000 eligibility checks to identify the number of French mortgage products that you personally qualify for. Intelligent Quote looks at the global cost of each mortgage including bank filing fees, life insurance, interest rate and bank margin to ensure you obtain not only the best French mortgage interest rate, but the best overall deal.


You don’t need to worry about misunderstanding the French mortgage process due to the cultural differences and language barrier. Our experienced bilingual advisors will walk you through the process step by step and clearly explain all the terms and conditions in English.


Save time, money and frustration. Having worked in French banking, we know how to navigate the French system to shield you from the potential missed deadlines, backlogs and lack of communication between the many parties involved. You will have peace of mind because at France Home Finance, we understand the concept of excellent customer service and you are our number one priority.