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“It was like working with a US bank down the street!”

I am French and understand the difficulties of French institutions. After spending 3 years trying to get French banks (including mine) to respond to me and consider my US income for a French real estate loan, I was fortunate to discover France Home Finance on the web. 


It was like working with a US bank down the street.

What an experience and so rare in France! They were extremely responsive and able to manage my entire application by e-mail, which was a big plus when residing overseas. They are fast, courteous, flexible and understand the experience of their clients.

Not only did they find me a loan - actually many types of loans, but they also recommended to me a unique network of other competent and responsive professionals like them: notaire, currency brokers, contractors.... to make the whole process happen without surprises and delays.

I have been recommending France Home Finance to all my foreign and expatriate friends. If I had not found France Home Finance I would never have fulfilled my dream of owning a little Parisian pied a terre again."

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