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Annie, NY, Paris apartment purchase

"France Home Finance was the reason I was successful in realizing a dream to buy an apartment in France.

They are a wonderfully professional and customer-service oriented company. 


One can get overwhelmed when buying real estate in a foreign country where language and law present unique challenges, but France Home Finance was willing and able to assist in any way towards helping me own an apartment in France. This company assisted me in so many ways far outside their role of getting me the best possible mortgage rate possible. French bureaucracy can be intimidating but my mortgage broker and her team helped me cut through all the red tape and roadblocks presented. They were fabulous!

It is with great pleasure that I would highly recommend them to anyone considering obtaining a mortgage in France. They will not only get you the best mortgage rate going but they will also be a wonderful support in assisting you in every step of the process of owning an apartment abroad."

Annie, New York, NY USA, Purchase of home in Paris.

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