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Paris leaseback mortgage

"As we say in New York, way to go! I would recommend France Home Finance highly to anyone. My only wish is that they open offices in other countries!



I have found buying real estate internationally an exciting and rewarding exercise. It touches many emotions though and buyers can sometimes get caught in the moment. Unlike purchasing property in the states where teams of lawyers, accountants, appraisers and advisors are at your side every step of the way, you are sometimes on your own internationally.

Language barriers, currency exchanges, and of course the mountains of foreign paperwork can turn the “dream of a lifetime purchase” into an administrative nightmare.

The potential for issues to cloud the exuberance of my investment were certainly present last year when I bought my leaseback in Paris. The real estate agent was there to guide early on, but I will thank him for only one thing……his suggestion to use France Home Finance!

FHF guided me every step of the way. Not only did they secure a mortgage at a great rate, they explained ALL of the documents related to the transaction, the entire closing process, what to expect next, and ultimately they turned what was becoming a nightmare back into a dream.

Although making page long translations from French to English on documents not related to the mortgage was not necessary, they did it. They helped decipher currency exchange rates, double checked my investment logic and explained cultural issues on how business is done in France.

I honestly do not think my purchase would have happened without my mortgage broker and the good people at France Home Finance. They guided me every step of the way like we were partners. They not only helped they make my transaction smooth, they ensured I will realize the profit potential I had hoped with a mortgage that was right for me."

Robert Smith, Northport, New York USA, purchase of a leaseback property in Paris

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