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Essential Documents Needed

Here is a list of all the essential personal and financial documents that you will need to submit for your French mortgage application:

Personal Details

- Copy of borrower(s)' passports
- Copy of marriage certificate or divorce certificate, if applicable
- Copy of birth certificate or driver's license, if not married
- Copy of utility or tax bill clearing showing name and address

Financial Details

- Copy of account statements such as savings plans, stock portfolios, life insurance, etc.
- Copy of last 3 consecutive months' bank statements for all bank accounts, clearly labeling each revenue deposit, loan debit, or transfers out
- Copy of last month's statement for each credit card you are actively using
- Proof of all other loans, such as car loans and personal loans, if applicable. You must show the monthly payment and remaining capital outstanding for each loan
- Proof of each rental income with a copy of each rental contract, if applicable

Employment Details

If salaried by an employer:
- Copy of last 2 years' official earnings statements (P60s or W2) for all borrowers
- Copy of last 3 consecutive full months' (90 days) salary slips for all borrowers

If self-employed:
- Copy of last 3 years' company accounts
- Copy of last 2 years' personal tax statements of declarations
- Signed and dated letter from a certified accountant confirming income, net profits, salary, dividends, etc. for the company

Other Forms

- Mortgage Application
- Copy of signed purchase/reservation contract
- Life insurance questionnaire
- French bank account application form

The quicker you provide all of these forms to your mortgage broker, the quicker you will be able to receive your mortgage quote.